Why I Spent 12 Hours in a Bathtub

On April 9, 2020, I spent 12 consecutive hours in a bathtub in solidarity with all the animals suffering and dying at marine parks like SeaWorld. The size of the tanks at SeaWorld compared to an orca can be compared to a human living in their bathtub. It was a very eye-opening experience for me as I was able to put myself in the shoes of an orca while spreading awareness. 

I began at 8:30 AM. I started off pretty strong, I had my phone, some schoolwork, and a craft with me to keep me busy. I also had a blanket with me since my bathroom was a bit cold. I went live on Instagram at 9 and answered a few questions people had about SeaWorld and what I was doing. 

After about 2 hours, my legs started to get sore from the ways I was sitting. I had become a bit uncomfortable since it was such a cramped space so every 5 minutes I switched the position I was sitting in. I wasn’t very bored since I had a lot of things to keep me productive. 

At 2:30 I went live on Insta again to answer any questions. After about 3:30 PM I started getting even more uncomfortable since I was a little bored with my family being in the living room and all. The bathtub started to feel a bit more cramped and smaller which made it difficult to find a good position to sit in. My parents were very supportive during this and brought me any necessities I may need and food. 

At 6 PM, I went live once more to answer questions. Once it was 8:30 PM, my legs were a bit sore but I was very happy for this to be over. 

I learned from this experience that there is absolutely no way an orca could be happy in those tanks. 12 hours of being a bit uncomfortable but having so many modifications like my phone and still getting to choose my food and other stuff is nothing compared to the suffering they endure for their entire lives. At marine parks, they have no opportunity to choose what to eat, or what to do. They don’t receive good care either. I can only imagine how sore they are with such cramped spaces. I can only imagine how lonely they are in their tiny tanks. There is absolutely no way that any living being could be happy in these conditions.

Doing this also brought a lot of attention to the issue. We need to show SeaWorld that nothing will keep us silent. Nothing will make us stop advocating for the victims of injustice. 

Erin sitting in a bathtub with the glass door closed. She has a neutral expression and is holding her hands up to the glass with a sign that reads "Could you live in your bathtub for your entire life?"

Many people are unhappy with being quarantined so take this time to ask yourself how it must feel to be an animal in a zoo or marine park.