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Q: What is The Raven Corps?

The Raven Corps is a youth-powered, tax-exempt nonprofit organization, based out of Portland, OR. We support, empower, and mobilize young activists, “Ravens”, who promote environmental sustainability and compassion through plant-based advocacy projects, known as “Operations”, in their communities.

Q: What does it mean for The Raven Corps to be “youth-driven”?

Our advocacy, content, and the majority of our resources are developed by Ravens, high school and college-age activists. Administratively, the organization is run by adults to ensure sustainability and long-term success since we aim to serve as many youth activists as possible both today and in the future.

Q: What does your name mean?

We identify with ravens because they are incredibly bright, resourceful animals who live all around us, but they often go unnoticed and unappreciated - much the same way society sometimes treats young people. We appreciate youth as capable activists and help them hone their advocacy skills so they can carry messages of compassion into their communities (much the same way ravens and other birds have carried messages in all sorts of stories).

Q: Why do you advocate for a plant-based diet?

Anywhere from 95% - 99% of the animal products that Americans consume is produced on factory farms. These are industrialized operations that emit at least 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US alone. They also unleash unspeakable cruelty upon tens of billions of animals who have the same capacity to feel pain and fear that we do, and there is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence that animal products, particularly in large quantities, cause a host of human health issues. Given all of these considerations, advocating for a plant-based lifestyle is one of the most practical and effective ways to help our natural world and everyone who lives here.

Q: Who are Ravens/What do Ravens do?

Ravens are activists, aged 14 -22, who create, plan, and implement individualized plant-based advocacy projects, called “Operations”, in their communities with support from The Corps.

Q: How can I become a Raven?

If you’re between the ages of 14 and 22 and live in Portland, OR, San Diego, CA, or Adelaide, Australia, please fill out an application, and we'll be in touch shortly! 

Q: Can I start a Raven Corps?

Not yet, but soon! Please keep checking back for big announcements on how to launch and lead a Raven Corps in your location!

Q: I’m not 100% plant-based. Can I join?

Absolutely! There are so many reasons to advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, whether it's for environmental, animal protection, human health, or social justice reasons. For some Ravens, that means advocating for a reduction in meat, egg, and dairy consumption; others choose to promote a vegan diet. Regardless of your approach, we are big believers in meeting people where they are, and everyone is welcome. 

 Q: Do you have employment or internship opportunities?

We do not have employment opportunities at the moment. If you’re interested in an internship, please contact Claire Howe at

Q: How can I get involved if I’m an adult?

If you’re interested in supporting youth activism, we would love your help! Please fill out a volunteer application, and we’ll be in touch shortly.