Nadia Gogulia

How I Became a Vegan Activist

Hi! My name is Nadezhda (Nadia for short), and I am vegan. I have always loved animals and have been a caring person. I look over my friends and family when they are sick or injured, and occasionally help those who I barely know. I took care of some of my friends’ animal companions if something came up and always loved to spend time in nature, hiking, or going to parks. All animals truly fascinate me. When I look into their eyes, I see a beautiful soul. I have noticed that animals are often kinder than humans, and that is when I realized that we have something to learn from them! 

My father was a vegetarian (occasionally switched to being vegan) for eight years. He inspired me to stand up for what I believe in and to be kind towards animals. In the back of my head, as I think most people do, I knew that meat is the flesh of a dead animal, but because of the constant propaganda and denial encouraged by the media and people surrounding me, I did not fully realize it. It kept coming to the surface from time to time, which led to much sadness and confusion about what I could do, and when I decided I wanted to stop eating meat, my parents asked me to make sure I study the matter thoroughly so that I am healthy. As I had done much research on healthy eating while being vegetarian, I stopped eating meat.

I started doing research on how I could further improve the lives of animals, and I have discovered that the dairy and egg industries, as well as any other industries that involve animals, cause animals much suffering and encourage the thought that they are objects and not living beings deserving respect. I studied a healthy vegan diet and became vegan. 

I have never regretted my decision to become vegan. I have always felt that eating meat is wrong and that it is definitely not my way of living. I am now working on making the  world a better place not only by changing my habits but also by inspiring people to change their own. All of us have potential, and each of us just needs someone to notice it and inspire us to act on it.