Become a Raven!

Step 1: Register for a Welcome Call

We host 15 minute Welcome Calls every week that are open to anyone aged 15 – 22. You’ll learn more about The Raven Corps, our current campaign, Operation: Mind Over Milk, and what it means to be a Raven.

Step 2: Get active 

If you’re able to commit to being a Raven, we’ll shoot you a link to our Discord after your Welcome Call. Organize and take action with us. Come to events. Hang out with other radical young folks and chat about everything from tearing down the patriarchy to your favorite plant-based cheese.

Ready to be part of something revolutionary? Join us.

“I enjoy the connections I’ve been able to make through The Raven Corps. I’m able to discuss issues going on in our country/world/my personal life and hear the opinion of those who may have gone through similar experiences, or are passionate on the topics and are willing to share more information. I’ve been able to gain knowledge on other forms of activism, which has helped me figure out different ways to get creative with my advocacy. I’ve connected with people that are either similarly minded or have strong insight into the other side of situations. The Raven Corps gives me a place to reverse negative emotions and energy into something positive and productive. It has also helped me find my passions and focus on why I do what I do.

Kimi, San Diego Raven