Join the Movement

Join the Movement

Step 1: Join QuaranTEEN

Our online community is where it’s at. QuaranTEEN is an inclusive way for youth activists worldwide (ages 15-22) to join together, take our leadership online, and make some new friends while we’re at it. We use Slack to connect young activists from around the world, and Zoom to host all kinds of advocacy and community-building events. Bonus: after hanging with us in QuaranTEEN for a month, you’ll be eligible to become a Raven.

Step 2: Join the Ravens 

After spending time with us in QuaranTEEN, new Ravens spread their wings to mobilize and connect with youth activists in their local community, and to take action on the ground. Through our decentralized Corps model, we support one another locally in the U.S. and Canada to grow nationally as leaders.

From leading activist Operations to organizing events, there’s always something going on at The Raven Corps.

What the Ravens say

“I love the support from everyone, which encourages me to achieve my activism goals! The Raven Corps has offered me a sense of community with people from all over the country.

Marlie Adams, Lead Raven, Boca Raton Corps

“I enjoy the freedom of staying active in practically any way that comes to mind! The sky’s the limit. Everyone [at The Raven Corps] trusts you and gives you the responsibility to truly be the activist you want to be, and this helped me become much more creative and independent with my Operations! The Raven Corps provides me with a community of supportive, generous, and brilliant people who are all passionate about different issues and who care about more than one crisis at a time. This community truly inspires me to do some major work in areas that I have previously worked in and in those I haven’t yet explored!”

Nadia Gogulia, Co-Lead Raven, Los Angeles Corps

“I enjoy the connections I’ve been able to make through The Raven Corps. I’m able to discuss issues going on in our country/world/my personal life and hear the opinion of those who may have gone through similar experiences, or are passionate on the topics and are willing to share more information. I’ve been able to gain knowledge on other forms of activism, which has helped me figure out different ways to get creative with my advocacy. I’ve connected with people that are either similarly minded or have strong insight into the other side of situations. The Raven Corps gives me a place to reverse negative emotions and energy into something positive and productive. It has also helped me find my passions and focus on why I do what I do.

Kimi Herrera, Lead Raven, San Diego Corps