Become a Raven!

Step 1: Join us online

Whether you want to talk policy change, discuss anarchy, or just vibe with people who CARE, our Discord is the place to be. It’s a safe and inclusive space for youth activists worldwide (ages 15-22) to unite, take our leadership online, and cultivate friendships from near and far. We use Discord to connect fellow youth activists from around the world, and we host all kinds of advocacy and community-building events over Zoom. It’s super simple to join – just fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.

Group of 5 Ravens walking to an event wearing their Raven Corps t shirts

Step 2: Get active 

Once you’re in the community, you’re officially a Raven. Get active with the current Op. Start a Geo Corps in your school or geographic location. Join Community Corps that align with your interests and values (and/or start one of your own!) Come to events. Hang out with other rad young folks and chat about everything from tearing down the patriarchy to your favorite plant-based cheese. The possibilities for the good you can do around here are endless. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to be part of something revolutionary? Join us.

What the Ravens say

Portrait of lead raven Serena

“The Raven Corps has given me the opportunity to explore my strengths in leadership and activism. I am grateful for this, as I previously did not have much confidence in my opinions or capabilities as an activist and a leader. Now, I know not only that my voice has power, but that there are people who will listen to it.”

Serena, Lead Raven, Community Corps

I initially joined that Raven Corps because I wanted to grow my experience within Activism. However, after my welcome call, I knew this wasn’t just angry youth demanding action, but a family. Never have I felt so loved and encouraged to challenge myself and grow as a leader. If you want to explore and unleash your inner activist, the Raven Corps is the place to do it! Us Ravens simply want to change the world for the better, so come join us!

-Sofía, Lead Raven, Geo Corps

“I enjoy the connections I’ve been able to make through The Raven Corps. I’m able to discuss issues going on in our country/world/my personal life and hear the opinion of those who may have gone through similar experiences, or are passionate on the topics and are willing to share more information. I’ve been able to gain knowledge on other forms of activism, which has helped me figure out different ways to get creative with my advocacy. I’ve connected with people that are either similarly minded or have strong insight into the other side of situations. The Raven Corps gives me a place to reverse negative emotions and energy into something positive and productive. It has also helped me find my passions and focus on why I do what I do.

Kimi, San Diego Raven