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Ella Di Stasio

In 2011, a short documentary aired about the reality of the meat industry. After that, my parents, two of my sisters, and I went vegetarian. I was 10 at the time, and this was quite a big thing for my family to do even though I didn't really realise it. Before then, the idea of not eating animal products wasn't something we really discussed. Consuming animal products felt like part of our cultural heritage, being Italian and having a grandfather who was butcher. So it was definitely a change, a good change.

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Melissa Patterson

I once considered myself an Animal Rights Activist, but no longer care to. I feel betrayed and resentful toward the movement that, as a young person, I invested so much faith and passion in. Protecting and creating fair welfare standards for animals is vital, and there are so many substantial reasons to care for and protect animals from the often evil nature of humankind. But the perpetual willingness to throw anyone and everyone under the bus in order to achieve questionable improvements for animals is such an unfortunate habit within the movement. 

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