The Raven Corps is a tax-exempt nonprofit comprised of young activists, “Ravens”, who drive the advocacy-based efforts of the organization alongside youth leaders and adult counterparts who believe a kinder world starts on our plates. By implementing the following devices, we work towards a more compassionate, sustainable food system and a kinder world for all.

Youth Leadership: Our “Raven” program provides young activists with the support, guidance, and resources to become advocacy leaders within their own communities. To learn more about how to become a Raven, click here.

Storytelling: We amplify the voices of young people by embracing their stories and helping them create effective, engaging campaigns as well as educational resources that can then be used by other youth advocates. From dance to cooking to acting – there are countless ways to tell a story, and through both virtual and “on-the-ground” platforms, we share these educational narratives as powerful forms of activism.

Community-Building: Through our hub, The Raven Corps, we create a safe space for young activists to share their experiences, build meaningful friendships, and forge a unified front for a new, sustained youth advocacy movement.