Ravens are young people (between 14 and 22) who advocate for a plant-based diet in their communities. Any youth activist can become a Raven as long as you are:

  • Able to commit for at least one academic year

  • Devote at least four hours weekly to Raven-related activities and activism

  • Ready to create, plan, implement, and assess advocacy projects, called “Operations” that are made up of “The Four Phases”:

    Phase 1: Outreach - During this phase, Ravens have conversations with their community members about animal agriculture and how factory farming hurts animals and our environment. The goal is to have respectful conversations about the problem, listen, and brainstorm solutions for how we can ALL build a better food system.

Phase 2: Planning - During Phase 2, Ravens plan their Operations, using the solutions they brainstormed with community members as inspiration.

Phase 3: Implementation - Phase 3 is when a Raven’s activism comes to life! Ravens put their plans into action and complete their Operations.

Phase 4: Resource Development - This final phase gives Ravens the opportunity to reflect on their activism, gauge its efficacy, and share what they have learned with other youth activists through the development of a resource.

Throughout each Operation, The Raven Corps stands beside youth activists to provide support and resources as well as the space to think, create, and reflect freely. We believe in the power of young change-makers, and are here to help them succeed!