Support our Ravens as They Fight for their Futures!

Young people need us now more than ever. They need us to stand beside them. They need us to believe in them. And they need our help. Every donation is a step forward, and no dollar amount is insignificant. Here are just a few of the ways your tax-deductible gift will be carefully used to build a bigger, stronger movement of youth activists,

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Sponsor a Raven’s Activism

Whether a Raven is screening a documentary, tabling at Vegfest, or leafletting at a concert, they need help and resources. To adequately support their work, it costs an average of $500 per Raven each year. Your donation will allow us to give Ravens the support and resources they need to have a bigger impact in their communities, which means a brighter future for our natural world, all animals, and generations both new and yet to come.


Teach young people how to go and stay plant-based

Our fun new culinary and life skills program, Growing Beyond the Recipe, gives young people the skills and tools to explore a plant-based lifestyle, setting them up for a lifetime of compassionate choices. Your generous donation will help us further develop and expand this series, allowing more youth to see how easy, enjoyable, and delicious it is to be plant-based.


Help young adults experience the magic of a sanctuary

Through a partnership with Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, we are able to give young people the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their residents, animals who serve as ambassadors for their species and who have stories that must be shared. Please, help us give more young people this incredible chance to make some new friends and better understand who they are fighting for.

for our Oregon supporters

  • Do you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card? If yes, link it to The Raven Corps, and every time you shop, “Freddy’s” will donate a percentage of your purchase to TRC!

  • Do you have an Oregon Bottle Drop account? If yes, please consider donating a portion of your account balance to The Raven Corps. And if you don’t have a Bottle Drop account, no worries! Call us at (503) 447-9463 or email, and we’ll send you some Raven Corps collection bags. It couldn’t be easier: you just fill them up and take them to the drop-off window at any Bottle Drop Redemption Center, or contact us, and we’ll arrange pickup. Click here for more info.

Prefer Snail Mail?

Checks, made payable to The Raven Corps, and cash donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to:

The Raven Corps

4938A SE Foster Rd., #202

Portland, OR 97206