Operation Ban Duck-Shooting in S. Australia!


We have made it nice and easy for you to show your position with a letter template, key points to include in the letter (compliments of RSPCA and Animal Justice Party SA). and on top of that, we will even send completed letters to the Premier for you!

A personalised letter, expressed in your own words. is arguably the best way to get this important message, or any for that matter, through to our politicians. It shows that we have gone the extra mile to show our concern, and unlike petitions, which are often disregarded, are far more likely to elicit response.

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● Many birds are maimed and not retrieved, often suffering a slow and painful death. 

● By permitting the shooting of native birds with a shotgun, the government is condoning actions that may constitute a breach of the Animal Welfare Act. 1985 (SA) s.13(3) (g) or (h). 

● Duck and quail shooting has been banned in NSW, QLD and WA for many years. 

● Non-target species are often mistakenly shot, some of which are classified as vulnerable. 

● In 2018 duck and quail hunting season, data sheets received from hunters indicated an average of 43.5 ducks retrieved per individual. If all hunters with permits retrieved this average number, that would result in a loss of 80,118 ducks. For quail hunting the equivalent extrapolated figure, based upon hunter returns, would be 5064 quails shot and retrieved. 

● The decision by the South Australian Government to permit quail shooting is based on speculation regarding vegetation. It has no data on quail population or distribution. 

● Hunting disturbs the habitat of not only the target species, but also many other species including swans, heron, egrets and spoon bill, as well as the Australian Painted Snipe and Australasian Bittern both of which are classified as endangered. Others include the vulnerable Freckled Duck and rare Musk Duck and Blue-Billed Duck. 

● Birds throughout Australia are fighting for survival due to massive loss of habitat and water resources, competition for food resources due to human intervention, predatory feral cats, foxes and dogs and the impacts of climate change (extreme droughts, bushfires, floods). Considering these pressures, Government that permit native bird shooting show a complete disregard for the long term survival of these national treasures. 

● South Australian Waterbird surveys (reliant upon volunteers and hunters entirely) can be very misleading. In times of drought, many birds migrate to the South East of South Australia, giving an inaccurate picture of native bird numbers in our state and nationwide. 

● Recreational bird observation and photography are growing exponentially worldwide. Participation by non-shooters in some nature based tourism activities in South Australia is severely inhibited by hunting activities. 


This template can be used to write your letter (or a letter for any kind of advocacy campaign really!)

Hon Steven Marshall, Premier

Member of the Executive Council

GPO Box 2343


Email: premier@sa.gov.au  


Dear Premier Marshall,

[insert text for letter]

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●      Refer to compelling facts and statistics that can be found in the KEY POINTS

●      Give them a call to action - ban duck shooting

●      Make it known you are a voter


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Claire Howe