Our Mission

The Raven Corps is a youth-led movement of changemakers devoted to building a just and sustainable future for animals, humanity, and our natural world. We take action through a consistent anti-oppression lens and believe that we can achieve liberation for all if we join together and get to the bottom of the world’s problems.

We’re a mostly vegan community with roots in Portland, OR and big ideas for the future. Through local chapters (“Corps”), we organize advocacy projects and events (“Operations”) that best serve the collective need for justice, compassion, and sustainability in our communities. Through it all, we support each other—growing as leaders, organizers, and changemakers in welcoming, open-minded spaces…and we don’t forget to have fun.

Our Values


We do not organize from the top down—we are a youth-led movement in action and ideas. Ravens are the guiding voices of The Raven Corps HQ, while also leading our Corps and implementing activist Operations. Our future, our ideas, our organization, our movement.


We care most about creating a sustainable world for all who inhabit it—for people, for animals, and for the environment itself. We approach sustainability knowing that the needs of communities may differ, but that we all have the power and urgent need to take collective action to save our planet.


The world’s f*cked up, and we’re living within systems of oppression designed without our input by the generations that came before us. It’s about damn time we do some unlearning and dismantling so that everyone—human and animals alike—has a chance for true equity.

Future Driven

We did not sign up for the state of this world, thankyouverymuch. We know the importance of taking immediate action to change the trajectory of our future, and we demand that our voices be heard both locally and nationally.


We care deeply about the world, about each other, and we believe in the capacity to create change through empathy and kindness. We’ve built supportive spaces that encourage open dialogue, and we uplift one another to grow into our activist wings.

Community Minded

There are no simple solutions to this mess of a planet, but we know the importance of community-based activism and mutual aid. By looking locally, we’re able to respond to the unique sustainability and equity needs of our own neighborhoods and take effective action. 


It’s time to shake this house of cards. We dream of a world beyond oppression. We think outside the box to find inventive solutions to our biggest problems, and then we take action that is authentic to us. After all, there is no one way to be an activist.


Look, this isn’t a chore. First and foremost, we love being part of The Corps, and our community is built on camaraderie and friendship. We host events, we watch movies, sometimes we just talk about whatever. We blend advocacy into our daily lives, and we’re not being graded on any of this.

Our Story

It was 2016, and it was fate. A scrappy group of young activists in Portland, OR met aging-goth, lawyer-turned-humane-educator, Claire Howe, as she facilitated animal rights clubs in our high schools. We headed as a team to the annual Animal Rights Conference in L.A., and while it was fun and all, we were frustrated to not see any teen or youth presence in the whole damn place. So we said “f*ck it, let’s start something ourselves!” and Youth for the Voiceless was born—a broad-based youth animal rights organization. With the gracious support of HEART, we spent the next couple of years on the ground advocating for animal rights and liberation.

By 2018, we’d seen the change that’s possible when youth activists join together, and that it was time to spread our wings (pun always intended) to have a bigger impact. Relaunching as The Raven Corps, we adopted our decentralized “Corps” model to welcome Ravens both near and far into our community.

Since the early days of our activist Operations, we’ve advocated for animal liberation and a plant-based lifestyle. But lately, we’ve become evermore aware that our movement must be multidimensional to truly liberate and empower us all. As of 2020, we’ve expanded our lens of focus so that Ravens can better respond to the pressing injustices we see in our communities. We’re here to build a sustainable tomorrow and to dismantle systems of oppression—for the sake of animals, humanity, and the planet—in whatever ways we see fit. We’ve come a long way since our animal-rights-high-school-club origins, and our work has only just begun.

We’re on a mission and making big moves. We put our values into action by performing activism Operations in our communities and beyond.
Now taking questions! Learn more about the Ravens and how you can get involved.