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M. Claire Howe, Esq.

Executive Director, Co-founder

Favorite Food: Potatoes

Plant-based because? It’s an effective and delicious way to help people, animals, and our environment!

Preferred forms of advocacy? Having conversations and actively listening to what other people think, feeding people tasty food, and supporting young activists.


Macy Jenks

Co-founder, Raven Liaison

Favorite food: Oatmeal

Plant-based because: I do not agree with the systematic suffering that animals are put through.

Preferred forms of advocacy: Story-telling through writing and public speaking.


Melissa Patterson

Co-founder, Inclusionary Outreach Coordinator

Favorite food(s): Kiwi

Plant-based because? I initially became plant-based for personal health and later became passionate about human rights and animal advocacy.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Participation in engaging/inclusive community events, involvement in seminars/discussions (personal and professional), and legislative activism


Maggie Salter

Co-Founder, Creative Consultant

Favorite food: Vegan mac & burrito bowls

Plant-based because? of both ethical and environmental reasons.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Story-telling and art


Jayne Frost

Co-founder, Mentor Raven

Favorite food: Mac and cheese and anything from Yuan Su (in Portland)

Plant-based because? It is the right thing to do, not only for the animals but also for the environment and my health.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Petitions and policy work


Katryna Ohryn

Co-founder, Live Entertainment Promoter

Favorite food: Sweet Pea’s Bakery TLT (add cashew cheese)

Plant-based because? I want to help the environment, animals, and people around the world.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Taking people into nature, encouraging people to get excited about nutrition, cooking great vegan food for friends, and telling others cool facts about animals/nature/nutrition/science


Brennan McConnell-Griner

Co-founder, Raven

Favorite food: Indian and Thai

Plant-based because? I care about the well-being of animals and the planet.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Educational presentations and lobbying

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Chris Parrucci

Director of Operations

Favorite food? Guacamole and Chips

Plant-based because? I believe every living being on this earth deserves empathy, compassion, and respect.

Preferred forms of advocacy? Education, sharing delicious vegan food, and demonstrating how easy it can be to eat a plant-based diet.

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