The Raven Corps Discord

 Organize with us online. Take action on the ground.  

Five Raven members walking to an event in their Raven Corps tee shirts.
Portland Ravens distributing Vegan burritos to unhoused communities downtown.

Our Community

We’re not going to be modest: our Discord is the shit. It’s like our safe space on the internet where we can organize, talk activism, build community, host events, have fun…it’s a good, safe, inclusive space for badass birds to meet other badass birds and build a badass anti-oppression youth movement.

Community Corps

Activism should not be so soul-sucking that it burns you out. We need to take care of ourselves (and each other!), have fun, and nurture our interests outside of advocacy so we can stay in the fight. Through Community Corps, any Raven can organize around a particular hobby, subculture, or interest. It’s like finding your people within a pool of your people.

Corps Issues

We’re firm believers in multi-dimensional activism that connects issues and strikes at the roots of oppression. But sometimes, you’ve gotta hone in on one issue. Corps Issues is divided into three channels on our Discord: Animal Liberation, Human Liberation, and Environmental Liberation. It’s the place to get educated on different issues, share resources, and find opportunities to get active on a wide variety of causes.


Presentations from radical activists, roundtable discussions, Vegan cooking/baking meetups, happy hours, dance parties…you name it, we’ve found a way to do it online.

“I initially joined that Raven Corps because I wanted to grow my experience within Activism. However, after my welcome call, I knew this wasn’t just angry youth demanding action, but a family. Never have I felt so loved and encouraged to challenge myself and grow as a leader. If you want to explore and unleash your inner activist, the Raven Corps is the place to do it! Us Ravens simply want to change the world for the better, so come join us!”

-Sofía, Lead Raven, San Diego Geo Corps