The Raven Corps Discord

Racism, animal abuse, climate change, fatphobia…there are just too many kinds of oppression to list. But that’s why Corps Issues exists! 

Five Raven members walking to an event in their Raven Corps tee shirts.

Start by joining us online!

Our Discord is like the hub of our activist community! Ravens step up to lead an issue-specific or regionally-based Corps, giving other badass birds the opportunity to get educated and active on a wide variety of topics. 

Program Goals

Ravens have diverse interests in anti-oppression activism because well…humans have really done a bang-up job of inventing ways to be shitty to each other, animals, and the environment. Through Corps Issues, Ravens can take on a leadership role by organizing around a specific issue or firing up a Corps in their geographic location, supported by HQ and our badass-bird community each step of the way. 

Program Highlights

  • After pivoting from a regional IRL model to an entirely online community in 2020, Corps Issues now gives Ravens the opportunity to organize around issues they’re passionate about with an expanding circle of activists from all over the country. 
  • Home to 10 different Corps and counting, Corps Issues is where Leads organize around topics like body liberation, climate change, and animal rights. 
  • In 2021, Lead Ravens organized countless community-building events and opportunities for our wider Raven community to get active. From watch parties to work parties, Corps Issues is a one-stop shop for both friend-making and change-making. 
  • In addition to broad issues of oppression, Ravens can step up to organize around specific initiatives, like “Special Op: Push for Plant-based”, a grassroots and legislative project launched by Lead Raven, Rey, to increase plant-based options in schools. 
  • Through bi-weekly All Lead Raven meetings, weekly check-ins with HQ, and a support system of resources, Ravens are backed by a solid, supportive community.

Our Vision

Some issues call to us. And, as activists, we must listen. When a Raven steps up to take the lead on an issue of oppression, they not only heed that call, they amplify it. They build communities of change-makers who are informed, supported, and ready to say “enough!” Online and in their communities, Ravens are standing up to oppression and setting the foundation for liberation.  

Portrait of Serena, Lead Raven

“Corps Issues has given me the opportunity to explore my strengths in leadership and activism. I am grateful for this, as I previously did not have much confidence in my opinions or capabilities as an activist and a leader. Now, I know not only that my voice has power, but that there are people who will listen to it.” 

— Serena – Lead Raven, It’s Lit

How to get involved

If you’re Raven-aged and ready to jump in, join us! Not quite ready to take the plunge? All good! Follow us on social media and/or join us for an upcoming event to get a better feel for who we are and what we do. And definitely check out the Ops the Ravens are working on – activism inspo at its finest.