Raven Corps Treats


Are you raven-ous for revolution?

Then go on…Treat yourself!

Introducing Raven Corps NICE Crispy Treats! They’re just like the time-honored classics you know and love, but without the gross animal parts and secretions. Score! 

Order Treats by visiting our website or stopping by any of these fan-favorite small businesses in Portland, Oregon (check out the list here).

Like a lil variety? Wanna support the work of a badass bird and their consistent anti-oppression activism? You’re in luck! Every month, a Featured Raven cooks up a delicious signature flavor idea, complete with a snappy title, connected to an issue of oppression they’re passionate about. They also create an educational resource complete with a clear call to action on how YOU can help. Scroll on to learn more about our Featured Ravens and their advocacy.

Questions? Wanna know more? Check out our FAQ’s or email us at treats@theravencorps.org, and don’t forget to follow us on The Gram.

Enjoy your treat. Get informed. Take action. We love you.

September’s Featured Raven: Shubhangi

Shubhangi’s “Wake Up!” is a Classic Nice Crispy Treat mixed with cocoa crispy rice and Cutiee Beans coffee (courtesy of our friends at Coffee Beer!) and on a mission to raise awareness about reproductive rights.

Take action by voting, donating, staying informed, and organizing in your communities. Click HERE to view Shubhangi’s “What Now?” Zine.

July’s Featured Raven: Miya

Miya’s “S.O.S” is a snickerdoodle Nice Crispy Treat, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and on a mission to protect Oahu snails and combat climate change.

Take action by checking out Miya’s track (original beat, vocals, and cover art!), spread awareness, support conservation efforts, and write to your politicians to express species importance!

June’s Featured Raven: Miles

Miles’ “GAY!” is a fruit-flavored Nice Crispy Treat on a mission to fight anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation targeted at youth.

Take action by urging your senators to pass The Equality Act!

May’s Featured Raven: Sofía

Sofía’s “Chipping Away at the System” is a classic Nice Crispy Treat packed with fair-trade chocolate chips and on a mission to raise awareness for gun violence in the United States.

Take action by educating yourself (and others!), contacting your legislators, and learning about the warning signs.

April’s Featured Raven: Saige

Saige’s “The Bitter Truth” is a lemon meringue Nice Crispy Treat on a mission to create livable wages for all workers.

Take action by participating in the Labor Strike on May 1st!

March’s Featured Raven: Cami

Cami’s “Orca-strate & Liberate” is a peanut butter Nice Crispy Treat, drizzled with maple syrup from the Passamaquoddy Tribe, and on a mission to liberate southern resident Orcas and empower Pacific Northwest Indigenous Peoples.

Take action by speaking to your elected officials, representatives, and federal agency officials, and ask them to breaching the lower Snake River dams.

February’s Featured Raven: Anata

Anata’s “Love 2 Ur Farmer” is a Classic Treat infused with real strawberries, drizzled with fair-trade chocolate, and on a mission to support the folks who grow and harvest our food.

Take action by educating yourself, voting for legislation that protects farm workers and Dreamers, and supporting clubs and youth groups who are working on this issue.