Raven Corps Treats

Are you Raven-ous for Revolution?

Then go on…Treat yourself.

Introducing Raven Corps NICE Crispy Treats! They’re just like the time-honored classics you know and love but without the gross animal parts and secretions. Score! 

Our classic melt-in-your-mouth treat is available year-round at a bunch of fan-favorite small businesses in Portland, Oregon (check out the list here). We also do limited mail order. Like a lil variety? Wanna support the work of a badass bird and their consistent anti-oppression activism? You’re in luck! Every month, a Featured Raven cooks up a delicious signature flavor idea, complete with a snappy title aimed at addressing a specific issue of oppression. They also create an educational video complete with a clear call to action on how YOU can help. Who says you can’t have your Treat and make a difference, too?!

Questions? Wanna know more? Check out our FAQ’s or email us at treats@theravencorps.org

Enjoy your treat. Get informed. Take action. We love you.

May’s Featured Raven: Sofía

Sofía’s “Chipping Away at the System” is a classic Nice Crispy Treat packed with fair-trade chocolate chips and on a mission to raise awareness for gun violence in the United States.

April’s Featured Raven: Saige

Saige’s “The Bitter Truth” is a lemon meringue Nice Crispy Treat on a mission to create livable wages for all workers. Take action by participating in the Labor Strike on May 1st!

March’s Featured Raven: Cami

Cami’s “Orca-strate & Liberate” is a peanut butter Nice Crispy Treat, drizzled with maple syrup from the Passamaquoddy Tribe, and on a mission to liberate southern resident Orcas and empower Pacific Northwest Indigenous Peoples.

February’s Featured Raven: Anata

Anata’s “Love 2 Ur Farmer” is a Classic Treat infused with real strawberries, drizzled with fair-trade chocolate, and on a mission to support the folks who grow and harvest our food.