Ravens 3.0

Take equal parts advocacy for human-beings, non-human animals, and the environment, and what do you get…Ravens 3.0! This total baddie of a program is the definition of consistent anti-oppression activism.  

About the program

Ravens 3.0, the latest and greatest to join our program lineup at The Corps, takes multi-movement advocacy to a new level. Through creative campaign creation and implementation, Leads organize Operations that address various issues of oppression simultaneously while striking at the very roots of oppression. 

Program Goals

Our community is rooted in liberation for ALL. In order to tackle systems that oppress humans, animals, and our natural world, we must be consistent in our rejection of those structures. Ravens 3.0 aims to unify movements through Raven-created campaigns that anyone from the beginner activist to the seasoned change-maker can join in on. By bringing different issues of oppression under the same activism umbrella, we can not only be more inclusive, we can be more effective. 

Program Highlights

Ravens 3.0 will debut in early 2022, with two Lead Ravens at the helm. But the inspiration came out of 2020. At the start of the pandemic, Lead Ravens from five different Corps teamed up, distance be damned, to launch “Operation: Stop the Spread of Toxic MASKulinity”. They collected and sanitized second-hand clothes, hand-sewed over 300 face masks, sold ‘em, and donated the money to racial justice groups and orgs who were getting vegan food into low-income communities. Awesome, right? But get this…this work was at the center of a larger campaign to address the fact that a lot of (cough, cough) men were refusing to wear masks for fear that it might emasculate them. That’s some real patriarchy nonsense right there, and the Ravens weren’t about to leave it unchecked. 

And thus was born Ravens 3.0… 

Stay tuned because the 2022 Leads are gonna come in hot next year!

Our Vision

We want an end to suffering and oppression, and we want that for everyone, regardless of the body they were born into. By building bridges across single-issue movements, we can create an unstoppable network of activists who are unified in their vision, fortified by their camraderie. 

How to get involved

If you’re between the ages of 15 and 22, join us! Not Raven-aged, but want to help? Shoot us an email at info@theravencorps.org, and we’ll be in touch.