Zoomers 2 Boomers

Hey all you Millenials, Gen X’ers, and Boomers – we want a better world, and we trust you do, too, so let’s team up to make it happen. Together, we can build bridges across generations. United, we’re unstoppable. 

About the program

Designed to tackle ageism through meaningful connections and thoughtful communication, Z2B is a cutting-edge, intergenerational activist program that redefines community-based activism. 

Program Goals

No one generation created the world’s problems, and no one generation is going to fix them. Through compelling roundtable discussions and a growing online community, Ravens literally and figuratively bring people of all ages to the table to learn and unlearn from each other, problem solve, and take action as a united front.   

Program Highlights

Every year, a new team of Z2B Lead Ravens take flight, organizing closely with our community. 

  • Z2B gives Lead Ravens a unique opporunity to develop a robust skill set around networking, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 
  • Leads and collaborating Ravens have worked with a wide range of activists, entrepreneurs, and legislators, as well as regular folks, creating welcoming spaces, rooted in equality. 
  • To date, Leads have organized and facilitated over a dozen cross-generational roundtables on various issues like effective vegan advocacy, police brutality, and the transgender generational experience. 
  • Z2B roundtables, now livestreamed on YouTube, are rapidly cultivating an engaged following, bringing the Z2B message to a global audience. 
  • Through a growing online community and with the help of social media, Z2B is keeping the conversation going long after the roundtable ends.
  • Through “Special Ops” like “Escaping the EchoChamber”, an online forum for people with opposing opinions, Z2B gives young leaders the opportunity to facilitate challenging but vitally important conversations that forge real understanding between participants.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where ageism is a thing of the past. We trust in our ability to cultivate a society where the young, the old, and the middle-aged listen to and learn from each other. We want a world full of respect, compassion, and tolerance for all, regardless of age. Z2B is here to help us get there. 

“I loved my experience with Z2B as it opened my eyes on the impact of open conversations. People from across the political spectrum want to work together and, given the opportunity, can have civil conversations. Facilitating Z2B helped me articulate my thoughts better to people who might not know my viewpoint but more importantly helped me listen to viewpoints I dont agree with.” 

— -Omar, 2021 Z2B Lead Raven

How to get involved

Wanna get involved? Start by joining our online Z2B community to stay updated. If you’re Gen Z, join us by becoming a Raven! And If you’re an older bird who’d like to participate in a roundtable, just fill out this application, and we’ll be in touch.