GBTR: Vegetable Gimbap


  • Steamed rice

  • Dried seaweed sheets

  • Diced cucumber

  • Pickled radish

  • Diced carrot

  • Sesame oil

  • Diced tofu

  • Spinach

  • Salt

Equipment: bamboo mat, knife, cutting board


1) Mix two Tbs sesame oil and a pinch of salt with rice.

2) Place a seaweed sheet onto a bamboo mat.

3) Spread the rice on the seaweed sheet.

4) Arrange all the ingredients (vegetables and tofu) onto the rice.

5) Hold the mat and roll the Gimbap carefully.

6) Cut the Gimbap, and serve (with tofu salad if you like. Recipe below!)


Tofu Salad:

Ingredients: Tofu, tomato, dressing, nuts

1) Cut tofu and tomatoes into cubes.

2) Place on a plate with cleanly washed vegetables.

3) Toss tofu, tomatoes, and other vegetables, and sprinkle with dressing of your choice.

4) Sprinkle nuts.

Claire Howe