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Choc-Beet Cake

Really bloody good cake. Not easy on the bank by any means (found it out the hard way), but on tasting, can assure you it’s well worth the time and money. Or maybe I just like food too much. I know, beetroot in cake might sound like sacrilege, but trust me, if there is one thing I’ve learnt over my year and a bit being vegan, it’s that vegetables are full of tasty surprises. So, if you’re feeling adventurous or just really hungry, why not give it a whirl?   

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Pink Dal

Dal is an Indian stew made with lentils and can be served in a bowl or on top of rice or bread. This specific kind of Dal uses red/pink lentils called Masoor lentils. The recipe is completely vegan and is great for anyone who likes or wants to try Indian food.

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