About Us

The Raven Corps is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, based out of Portland, Oregon. We support, organize, and mobilize youth activists, aged 14 -22, who promote environmental sustainability and compassion through plant-based food advocacy.


Our Mission

We’re not the future of a movement. We ARE a movement.

At The Raven Corps, we believe in young people. Not just as “the future”, but as bright, capable, and innovative problem-solvers in the here and now. By building community and providing youth activists, “Ravens”, with the resources, tools, and guidance to create personalized advocacy projects for their communities, we’re forging a new youth-powered movement focused on building a better world one bite at a time. Our Ravens share a commitment to improving our food system by  promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, and together, we are tackling some of the biggest issues of our time -- problems like climate change, animal welfare, ocean depletion, environmental racism, and public health. Our ever-growing network of young change-making leaders understand that all life is connected and educate others on the need to think holistically about how our food choices impact people, animals, and our planet. Our Ravens advocate for a better today so we can share a more sustainable and compassionate tomorrow.

Featured Raven

Ella Di Stasio


In 2011, a short documentary aired about the reality of the meat industry. After that, my parents, two of my sisters, and I went vegetarian. I was 10 at the time, and this was quite a big thing for my family to do even though I didn't really realise it. Before then, the idea of not eating animal products wasn't something we really discussed. Consuming animal products felt like part of our cultural heritage, being Italian and having a grandfather who was a butcher. So it was definitely a change, a good change.


We are based out of Portland, Oregon and also have corps (chapters) in Adelaide, Australia and San Diego, California. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 22, live in one of those places, and are ready to advocate for for a better food system, join us! Want to start your own Raven Corps? Keep checking back - we’ll have exciting news for you soon!

Help us support more youth activists who are fighting for a sustainable planet and a more compassionate world.