What’s wrong with animal agriculture?

While meat, eggs, and dairy often appear to be fairly inexpensive, the true cost of these products is enormous, and the environment, humans, and of course, animals are paying the price. The following are Raven-created and recommended resources explaining why these industries are so destructive and provide fact-based insight into why ditching these products is one of the single most effective things we can do to protect our planet and everyone who lives here.


Our Natural World

Animal agriculture is a top contributor to global warming, water depletion, deforestation, dead zones in oceans, species extinction, and unfortunately…much more.


Animal Cruelty

Over 10 billion land animals and untold numbers of fish are killed for food every year in the US. These animals have the same ability to feel and suffer as humans do.

Human Health

Cancer, stroke, heart disease, type II diabetes: chronic illness is on the rise, and an increasing body of evidence shows that a meat, egg, and dairy-heavy diet just isn’t good for us.


Social Justice

Worker’s rights, environmental racism, accessibility, and more: raising animals for food is a major social justice issue of our time.