Your questions, answered.

What is The Raven Corps?

The Raven Corps is a youth-powered movement and a 501(c)3 nonprofit based out of Portland, OR, serving a growing community. We support, empower, and mobilize young anti-oppression activists (“Ravens”) who promote sustainability and justice through advocacy projects (“Operations”) in their local communities. Read more about our mission

What’s QuaranTEEN?

Launched in 2020 in response to the pandemic, QuaranTEEN is our virtual youth activist community center and is now one of the raddest parts of The Raven Corps! It’s a super simple concept with a big impact. We use Slack to connect young activists from around the world, and Zoom to host all kinds of advocacy and community-building events. It’s a great place for changemakers to take their leadership online, and to make new friends while they’re at it. Join QuaranTEEN today

Are you a vegan organization?

Yes! While we don’t require you to be vegan to join, we’re a vegan org through and through. Our events serve vegan food, our guest lecturers are some of the coolest names in the vegan world, and we develop all programming through the lens of sustainability and oppression.

What’s in a name? Why Ravens?

Ravens are incredibly bright and resourceful animals who live all around us, but they often go unnoticed and unappreciated—much in the same way that our society treats young people. In stories, Ravens are typically depicted as message carriers, much like the youth activists of The Raven Corps who bring messages of compassion and justice into their communities. TL;DR, Ravens are some smart, savvy, and damn cool birds.

What does it mean for The Raven Corps to be “youth-led”?

Our advocacy, community, and the majority of our resources are developed by Ravens—youth activists between the ages of 15 and 22. Each local chapter (“Corps”) is organized and run by a Lead Raven who determines and guides their Corps’ action, and all Operations of activism are planned, budgeted for, and implemented by Ravens Administratively, HQ is run by a few aging radicals to ensure that we can grow to serve as many youth activists as possible, while always centering and amplifying youth voices. Learn more about our leadership

How do the Ravens determine key areas of activism?

Our activism is always rooted in two core pillars (sustainability and anti-oppression), and in who we empower (animals, humanity, and our natural world). Once we determine a key issue, we turn to our local Corps to devise a plan of activism (“Operation”) that serves a community need based on our chosen issue.

How specifically do Ravens take action?

We take action through Operations, our locally rooted and planned activist projects. Operations always look a little different, and can include speaking events, protest, art projects, and community engagement. In the end, Ravens decide for ourselves how we take action. See our latest Operations

Where in the world can I join from? Where are current Corps located?

We welcome youth activists to join our virtual youth activist community center, QuaranTEEN, from across the globe! Our hubs of Ravens that meet locally (“Corps”) are currently limited to the U.S. and Canada. We now have Corps locations in OR, CA, FL, and Alberta, Canada, and are always adding more. Head on over to join our movement

How does The Raven Corps fit into the Animal Rights Movement?

We were born and raised in it, babyyy. In fact, The Raven Corps was once-upon-a-time called Youth for the Voiceless, and was founded as a broad-based animal rights organization. We spread our wings now and take a more holistic approach to activism, while always keeping a focus on and a special place in our hearts for the animals. <3

I’m not vegan. Can I join?

HELL yes! While lots of the Ravens are vegan, we understand that our food system is complicated and presents a number of barriers to going totally plant-based. We’re big believers in meeting people where they are, and we welcome all.

Do I qualify to be a Raven?

Are you between the ages of 15 and 22, live in the U.S. or Canada, and ready to be part of a community of youth changemakers? Welcome. Head on over to join our movement

How can I become a Raven?

If you’re between the ages of 15 and 22, you can get started today! We ask that you first spend a month with us in QuaranTEEN, our virtual youth activist community center, to see what we’re all about and to meet some current Ravens. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll be eligible after one month to either join your local Raven Corps or start one in your area. Get started today

I’m not sure if I’m an activist, but I see a lot of problems in the world that I want to speak up about. What about me?

Welcome, friend, it sounds like you’ll fit right in with the Ravens. We don’t have all the answers either, and we understand that activism looks a little different for everyone. But what we do know is that we have the power to create change when we band together and support one another. See the power of activist community

I’m not sure if I’m ready to become a Raven. Are there other ways to get involved?

Definitely. You can start by following us on insta and signing up for our newsletter to keep up with what we’re doing and to find upcoming events. And of course—there’s QuaranTEEN, our virtual community center open to youth activists worldwide. Join QuaranTEEN today

Can I start a Raven Corps in my area?

Yes! But first, we ask that you spend a month with us in QuaranTEEN, our virtual youth activist community center, to get to know us better and to hear from other Lead Ravens about what it means to start a local Corps. From there, you’ll learn how to start one in your own area. P.S. QuaranTEEN is super fun, and you can join here

Do you have employment or internship opportunities?

We’re not hiring at the moment, though we always welcome volunteers and often have internship opportunities. Contact HQ, and we’ll be in touch with next steps. Contact HQ

I’m over the age of 22. Can I get involved?

Of course, there are lots of ways to support youth activism! We always appreciate donations, and promise there are many ways to get involved—from hosting events to getting the word out about what we do. Contact HQ to chat further. Contact HQ

I’m under the age of 15. Can I get involved?

Yes. We invite fledgling activists between the ages of 12-14 to join QuaranTEEN, our virtual youth activist community center, in preparation for becoming a Raven at 15. We can’t wait to have you Join QuaranTEEN

Still have questions?

Get in touch with HQ! We love hearing from you.