Your questions, answered.

What is The Raven Corps?

The Raven Corps is a community of collective liberation youth activists and a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We advocate for humans, fellow animals, and our natural world by implementing strategically-planned campaigns and through a decentralized model. Read more about our mission

Are you a Vegan organization?

That is exactly what we are. However, we define Veganism as a philosophy, political stance, and lifestyle rooted in total liberation for ALL animals and our natural world. Not a diet. Not a trend. Not a whim.

What are the expectations of a Raven?

All Ravens are expected to join our Discord, communicate, and advocate for all animals and our natural world. Join us by filling out this short form, and we’ll be in touch. Join The Corps

I’m not plant-based. Can I join?

HELL yes! We understand that our food system is complicated and presents a number of barriers to eating a totally plant-based. We’re big believers in meeting people where they are, and we welcome all.

What’s in a name? Why Ravens?

Ravens are incredibly bright, resourceful, and interesting animals (badass birds )who often get a bad rap — much the same way our society often treats young people.

How specifically do Ravens take action?

We take action through Operations (consistent anti-oppression campaigns). We’re currently working on a campaign, “Operation: Mind Over Milk”, to raise awareness on the horrors of the dairy industry and increase access to student, climate, and animal-friendly plant-milk in the over 100,000 US schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program. Learn more, and get involved at Operation: Mind Over Milk

I’m not sure if I’m an activist, but I see so many problems in the world, and I want to do something about them. Can I join?

Hi, friend. We don’t gatekeep activism – it looks a little different for everyone – and we believe we have the power to create change when we band together and actively support our community members. If you’re committed to fighting injustice and reducing suffering, you’ll fit right in around here. Join The Corps

I’m not sure if I’m ready to become a Raven. Are there other ways to get involved?

Definitely. You can start by following us on Insta and signing up for our newsletter to keep up with what we’re working on and get a better feel for who we are. If and when you feel ready to join us, just fill out this short form –> Become a Raven

Do you have employment or internship opportunities?

We’re not hiring at the moment, but definitely get in touch if you’d like to volunteer. Contact The Conspiracy

I’m over the age of 24. Can I get involved?

Please! Young people can’t go it alone, and we appreciate supporters and allies immensely around here. If you’re 25 or older and want to support younger activists, join The Flight Crew. Join The Flight Crew

I’m under the age of 14. Can I get involved?

We’re always looking for ways to work with younger folks. Check out our events page or follow us on social media to see about upcoming all-ages opportunities. And definitely join us when you turn 14!

Still have questions?

Get in touch – we’re nice! Promise!