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Operations are advocacy campaigns at The Raven Corps that strike at the very roots of oppression, connecting issues that impact humans, other animals, and our natural world.

Operation: Mind Over Milk

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Cow’s milk is the ONLY reimbursable beverage option at over 100,000 US schools through the National School Lunch Program. Dairy is an inherently harmful product for animals, human and non-human, and the environment – we’re facing this issue head on through “Operation: Mind Over Milk”.

About Operation: Mind Over Milk

Through Operation: Mind Over Milk, Ravens are raising awareness about the horrors of the dairy industry and working to increase access to student, climate, and animal-friendly plant-milk for the 30 million students who rely upon the National School Lunch Program.

Fast Facts

– About 70% of the students who receive their lunch through the NSLP are Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority. These populations are far more likely to be lactose normal than their white counterparts. Meaning they have a normal inability to digest the milk of another mammal. Head here for more information on the term “lactose normal”, courtesy of our friends at The Food Empowerment Project.

– Legally, a plant-based milk alternative is ONLY available if a student has a doctor’s note proving they are unable to digest lactose. This option is often inaccessible to marginalized students who need it.

– As much as 45 million gallons of cow’s milk were wasted in US schools in 2019 alone, at a cost of 300 million in taxpayer dollars. Learn more.

-Dairy cows are artificially inseminated and forced to repeatedly give birth to babies who are immediately taken away so that humans can drink their milk instead. Male calves are typically sold to the veal industry and slaughtered soon after. Female calves usually suffer the same fate as their mothers.

Get Involved

It’s time to stand up to Big Dairy and let them know that we don’t want their racist, animal-abusing, environment-destroying product, and we’re DONE having it forced upon us. Visit the Operation: Mind Over Milk website for more information.

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