2022 Operation

Cow’s milk is served at EVERY public school in the United States through the National School Lunch Program. Often, a carton of milk will be placed on a student’s tray even if they’ve refused it. Milk is an inherently harmful product for animals, human and non-human, and the environment. What you need to know:

– About 70% of the students who receive their lunch through the NSLP are people of color. These populations have higher rates of lactose intolerance (AKA being lactose-normal).

– Plant-based milk options are ONLY available if a student has a doctor’s note saying they are unable to consume dairy. This option is often inaccessible to marginalized students who need it.

– As much as 45 million gallons of cow’s milk were wasted in 2019 in US schools.

Join us in building a youth-led movement of young Vegan (AKA consistent anti-oppression) advocates. We’re creating an educational campaign and corresponding social media campaign on the horrors of dairy using an inclusive, comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach. This Operation will end in a culminating national action targeted at the USDA/dairy industry/National School Lunch Program.

STUDENTS: We need you. Get your peers involved and organize with us on the ground!

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