Operation: Stop the Spread of Toxic MASKulinity

In the face of a global pandemic, Ravens got even more creative with their activism, teaming up to launch our very first campaign and paving a new way for The Corps.

About Operation: Stop the Spread of Toxic MASKulinity

In early 2020, just like the rest of the world, Ravens went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But that didn’t stop them from organizing. Six Lead Ravens from across the country teamed up to launch “Operation: Stop the Spread of Toxic MASKulinity”. With the help of our wider Raven community, Leads focused on mutual aid, community support and safety, and sustainability, while striking at the roots of patriarchy and toxic masculinity.


Through Operation: Stop the Spread of Toxic MASKulinity, Ravens:

  • Launched an online campaign encouraging EVERYONE to wear masks and protect their communities, with a special focus on (cough, cough) hetero, cisgender males who believed that wearing a mask was emasculating.
  • Collected, sanitized, and deconstructed over 200 pounds of second-hand clothes and textiles
  • Hand-sewed over 250 masks with fun patterns and designs.
  • Opened an Etsy shop and sold masks online, raising money for racial justice organizations and Vegan food providers.
  • Donated unused masks to individuals, schools, and organizations