Operation: Eat Your Ethics

Corps: Tualatin
Raven: Eilan

What were the goals for your Operation? 
Educate young kids about why a plant based lifestyle is the only way to live a healthy and ethical life

Describe your Operation and how you prepared for it. 
I met up with a local activists, Chelsea Davis, and we created a presentation together on the health, environmental impact and ethics of eating animals.

What were some “Aha!” moments? (Things that happened throughout the course of planning or implementing the Operation that were surprising or noteworthy) *
When educating kids, you won’t get anywhere if you mean all business. Use games and fun to your advantage. For example, we did a trivia game.

If you could share 3 pieces of advice with your past self about this Operation, what would they be? 

  • Don’t try and cram everything into one presentation.
  • Know your audience.
  • Converse, don’t tell!

What advice would you give to other activists who would like to plan a similar Operation?
It’s awesome. Make sure you involve them with the learning and connect with the kids or else the idea of veganism will be a joke to them. Share your experiences and thoughts, and ask for theirs, too.