Operation: Zoomers 2 Boomers

No one generation created the world’s problems.

No one generation is going to fix them.

Designed to tackle ageism through meaningful connections and thoughtful communication, Z2B is a cutting-edge, intergenerational program that redefines community-based activism. Every year, a new team of Z2B Lead Ravens take flight, organizing closely within our community to build bridges across generations.  Through compelling monthly roundtable discussions, Z2B brings people of all ages together to learn and unlearn from each other, problem solve, and take action as a united front.   

Z2B 2022

With a special focus on Operation: Mind Over Milk Lead Raven, Kacey, is forging a new path for Z2B in 2022! With topics like “The Government’s Role in US Schools” and “The Impact of Dairy on Animals and the Environment”, this year was full of riveting conversations and thoughtful solution-making.

Check out the full Z2B playlist here, and and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel – all roundtables are streamed LIVE the last Tuesday of every month at 4pm PST.

Z2B 2020 – 2021


  • Z2B Lead Ravens, Nadia and Omar, worked with a collaborating Raven each month to select a roundtable topic, develop guiding questions, and create a resource list. Along with help from The Conspiracy, they then recruited a wide range of activists, entrepreneurs, and legislators for each roundtable, creating welcoming spaces, rooted in equality.
  • Z2B Leads organized and facilitated over a dozen cross-generational roundtables on a wide variety of topics including effective Vegan advocacy, police brutality, and the transgender generational experience. 
  • We began live-streaming roundtables on YouTube, bringing Z2B to a global audience. 
  • Z2B Ravens launched an online platform for community-building, allowing activists of all ages to keep the conversation going long after the roundtable ended.
  • Through “Special Ops” like “Escaping the EchoChamber”, an online forum for people with opposing views, Z2B Ravens organized, facilitated, and participated in challenging but vitally important conversations that forged real understanding across the political spectrum.
Portrait of lead Raven Omar
2020/2021 Z2B Lead Raven, Omar

“I loved my experience with Z2B as it opened my eyes to the impact of open conversations. People from across the political spectrum want to work together and, given the opportunity, can have civil conversations. Facilitating Z2B helped me articulate my thoughts better to people who might not know my viewpoint, but more importantly helped me listen to viewpoints I don’t agree with.” 

— Omar, 2020/2021 Z2B Lead Raven

Wanna get involved?

If you’re Gen Z, register for a welcome call to learn more about becoming a Raven. Are you an older bird who’d like to participate in a roundtable? Just fill out this application, and we’ll be in touch.