Raven Corps Treats

Treats on a mission!

Introducing Raven Corps NICE crispy treats! They’re just like the time-honored classics you know and love (sans the gross animal parts and secretions) and on a mission to raise both funds for The Corps and awareness for our badass birds and their consistent anti-oppression activism.

In addition to selling our Classic nice crispy treat year round, every month a Featured Raven cooks up a delicious limited edition flavor idea, complete with a snappy title, connected to an issue of oppression they’re passionate about. They also create a fun educational resource complete with a clear call to action. Scroll on to learn more about our Featured Ravens and their advocacy!

Order treats by visiting our website or stopping by any of these fan-favorite small businesses in Portland, Oregon.

Questions? Wanna know more? Check out our FAQ’s or email us at treats@theravencorps.org, and don’t forget to follow us on The Gram.

Enjoy your treat. Get informed. Take action. We love you.

Raven Corps Treats 2022