Growing Beyond the Recipe

Did you know that the average person makes over 35,000 decisions a day (mind blown, duuuude)? That means we literally have thousands of opportunities to make compassionate, sustainable, and enjoyable choices, y’all!

About the program

Growing Beyond the Recipe is all about blending activism into our daily lives, making food and lifestyle choices vehicles for real change. Through fun, accessible, and delicious Operations, Ravens advocate for a world where we live, eat, and enjoy our ethics. 

Program Goals

Clearly, we understand how f*cked up the world is. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t. But we believe that activism should be fun. We’re steadfast in the desire to enjoy our lives, even if we’re spending them fighting for what’s right. GBTR Ravens create meaningful opportunities for people to explore a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it genuinely makes us happy to be nice. And to eat good food (duh). 

Program Highlights

Every year, a new team of GBTR Lead Ravens take flight, working closely with our community to bring fun food and lifestyle Operations to life. In 2021…

  • Five GBTR Leads came together to create advocacy Operations using “Food as Resistance” as their guidepost 
  • The GBTR team launched a podcast and a YouTube channel, dropping Ops like “Food and Feminism” and “Attacking Animal Agriculture”. 
  • GBTR Leads organized and collaborated with Z2B Lead Ravens, bringing people of all ages and walks of life to the (round)table to discuss topics like “The Evolution of US Food Culture” and “Effective Vegan Activism”. 
  • GBTR hosted all kinds of rad guest speakers, chefs, and activists in our virtual youth activist community center. 
  • Leads organized monthly “Raven’s Kitchen” events, vegan cooking and baking meetups (that actually felt like we were all hanging out in the kitchen together, even during a pandemic.) 
  • In collaboration with the “It’s Lit” Corps, GBTR Ravens produced an anti-oppression cookbook “The Feed: Food as Resistance”

Our Vision

In order to build a better world, we have to start practicing the future. And in the future, factory farming’s history. Fresh, nutritious food is accessible. Sustainability IS the ingredient. And a love for food, community, and culture brings us all to the table. By growing beyond the recipe, we can start living the future NOW.

“GBTR has changed everything in my life for the better. The people in this program have introduced new perspectives to me, showing me how versatile and impactful food is, as well as how it can be used as a tool to bring everyone together. I’ve also really been challenged by this program and forced to examine the ways that I unknowingly participate in systems of oppression in food and lifestyle communities. As an activist, we should always strive to do better, and there is nothing more important than being in a community of people who will hold you accountable. I hope this program grows to the point where everyone can eventually participate and begin to understand that healing begins with the stomach and the heart!”

— Anata Tran

How to get involved

If Growing Beyond the Recipe sounds like your cup of tea and you’re Gen Z, become a Raven! Not Raven-aged but interested in GBTR? Shoot us an email at, and we’ll be in touch!